All you need to know about the plural in English
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365 Phrasal Verbs in 365 Days365 Phrasal Verbs in 365 Days

You may have been looking for a book explaining the plural in English, but couldn't find one. Well, you could be in luck this time!

Here's the book with an awful lot of information on the subject:
Spelling & Pronunciation of Plurals of Nouns. Regular & Irregular forms (Amazon Kindle)

  • The plural used in the language of Shakespeare, including regular and irregular nouns, with nouns of foreign origin like Latin, French, etc., put in as many as 50 different units (Patterns).
  • Detailed research on common simple and compound nouns, alongside proper nouns like personal names, brand names, titles, etc. The book also covers other forms of words such as abbreviations, letters, numbers and more.
  • All the necessary pronunciations of all the nouns listed in the book, with a simple guide introducing consonants, vowels and diphthongs.
  • All split into easy-to-follow Spelling and Pronunciation Patterns, with possible variants and exceptions provided.

Just get your hands on the book and forget any more worries about sitting a test or an exam on the plural. Get it passed with flying colours!

Note that if you do not own a Kindle reader, you can always download a FREE application from Amazon that will enable you to read any Kindle books on your device(s) (smartphones, computers and tablets are all supported).


Put your knowledge to the test

You can always take a test and see for yourself how familiar you are with the plural.

Here's the test book to get you started:
Spelling & Pronunciation of Plurals of Nouns. Regular & Irregular forms. The Test (Amazon Kindle)

Have fun and get yourself assessed right away!










What about your times tables? Are you as good as to give an answer to your teacher's question in an instant?

If not, here's a solution to resolve your problems:
Times Tables with Tests (Amazon Kindle)

Give yourself a chance to impress your maths teacher before it's too late!

Remember that engaging your brain to work out calculations improves your memory and keeps it in a good state throughout your life.


It's about time you got those numbers right

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